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In February, Lily released two tracks that she recorded last Autumn on Soundcloud. 'For Good' from Wicked the Musical and 'Even though I cannot die' from Persephone are now available to hear on Lily's Soundcloud profile. Both are songs from Lily's solo show, Encounters. You can hear both tracks opposite or at


For Good from Wicked the Musical

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Even though I cannot die from Persephone

Music by Sue Casson/Lyrics by Simon Rae




In March, Lily continued her work on The Human's In The Telling as a principal singer and the words of Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe. Written by Tom Blackmore and Sue Casson, it is a film of song-cycle Dreams of Peace and Freedom, which explores the birth of modern human rights in Europe and the struggle to tell the story.


To read the film proposal and treatment, visit


Keep up to date with the project on Lily's social media or via the website above.

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May 2018


In May, Lily returned to St Lukes, Sevenoaks, to perform a programme that encompassed all of the different shows that she has performed there over the last ten years, as part of the St Lukes recital series. Joined by Sue Casson and Robert Blackmore, they reminisced for a very appreciative audience.



Ne dis pas toujours/Jean Lenoir

Beachcomber/Sue Casson

The Shipping Forecast/Sue Casson

Even though I cannot die from Persephone/Sue Casson

The Seamstress from The Happy Prince/Sue Casson

For Good from Wicked/Stephen Schwartz

All shall be well/Sue Casson

Put me on your ipod/Sue Casson

St Lukes 2 St Lukes 6 St Lukes 5




In August, Lily visited to Totnes to showcase Sue Casson's songcycle, Dreams of Peace and Freedom to eminent Human Rights lawyer, Jonathan Coooper. He has begun a campaign to create a City State of Totnes to remain part of the European Union after Brexit. As part of his campaign, Lily swore the oath of alliagance to the EU and recieved a passport of the City State of Totnes.  He described the performance as 'a profound and beautiful experience.'


To read more about Dreams of Peace and Freedom, click on SINGER page above or visit 

Totnes Passport photo Aug 2018