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Life as a chorister

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Moving Forward

Lily's singing life began with Southwark Cathedral Girls Choir under the direction of Stephen Disley, where she sang between 2007 and 2013. Appointed as Lithgow Chanter in her second year, she went on to lead the choir as Head Chorister (Launderer Chanter) from 2009 -2013.


Highlights of her time there included singing choral evensong on BBC Radio 3 and Choral Eucharist broadcast live on BBC 1. She has performed for the Queen, in the Royal Albert Hall under the direction of John Rutter, and in the Royal Festival Hall, as part of the inaugural Orion Chorus, under Toby Purser.

Lily has also played a part in her father's ongoing 15 year project exploring the life and work of David Maxwell Fyfe, her great grandfather. She has helped bring the story to life in various incarnations, from playing Maxwell Fyfe's daughter in Making History to appearing as herself discovering the history in the film,

Under an English Heaven.


Following the film, she has continued to perform as part of Dreams of Peace & Freedom, a song cyle telling the story, in Westminster, Edinburgh, Nuremberg and other venues around the UK and Europe.


She also documented their adventures with Robert Blackmore, presenting and filming the

EC Vlog and EC Vlog Rebooted series' on YouTube. In the future, Lily will continue to tell this important story through Tom Blackmore's film The Human's In The Telling, a personal account of how the project has shaped their lives.

Alongside her work with English Cabaret, Lily has developed her alter-ego, English Singing Baker,

to combine her two loves of singing and baking. She has created a series of videos,

ESB Monthly Bake, online as well as performing in ECH 14/15, singing and baking live onstage.

More recently, Lily has studied under Linda Hutchison and premiered her solo show, Encounters, at Edinburgh Fringe 2016.

Following that, she went on to record songs from Encounters for general release.


In the next year, she hopes to record more tracks and release the Encounters album and bring her solo show to a wider audience.

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